Choosing Perfect Web Hosting Provider As Per Your Needs

Choosing A Perfect Web Hosting Provider

Are you searching for a web hosting provider? But can’t find a perfect one? We all know that the web hosting industry has been skyrocketing since the past few years and there are many web hosting providers. It’s sometimes confusing for newbies to select a perfect web hosting provider to fulfill their needs. You may pay extra bucks for something that you don’t really need.

Web Hosting Industry in 2019

If you ever have joined a “Web Hosting” group on Facebook, you might know how many web hosting providers are up there to provide you “best” web hosting. But are they really best? Do they worth your buck? Probably not. I mean, not all. Majority of the new web hosting providers now has been using reseller hosting to provide “best”(so-called tagline) web hosting by spamming people’s post in the comment section with website link. I sometimes wonder why haven’t Facebook blacklisted their websites yet? They’re spamming too much!

I’m not saying to not purchase from resellers, however, majority of resellers aren’t really something you should look out for. Most of them don’t know how things work. But there are some providers out there providing web hosting services than that of their upstream provider(reseller hosting provider) because they know what they’re doing. Majority of new web hosting providers just follow up YouTube tutorials and setup a web hosting. To ease your findings, today we’re going to learn how to find a perfect web hosting provider to fulfill your needs for your website.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Provider For Your Website

We’ll list it down properly so that you can relate it properly as per your needs.

Type Of Website You’re Hosting

If you’re hosting a blog website, then it’s okay to go for a standard web hosting plan. But if you’re hosting a blog having huge amount of traffic with complex theme which requires huge CPU resources, you might want to consider for a VPS or a web hosting provider offering you “dedicated resources”.

Content Of Your Website

Photograph do depend on website's resources.

Content does matter when you host. No, I’m not talking about texts. To explain it in a better way, let’s take an example. Let’s say you’re a photographer and loves to take photographs. You’re tired of sharing it on social media because you’re not really generating revenue. You now plan to start a website and want to share your photographs to the world. Seems simple, right? No. If you’re planning to host a “photographic website”, make sure you select a web hosting provider that offers you a huge amount of bandwidth, space and CPU power. These resources are used when a visitor visits your website and the server processes the content(photos). When many visitors visit your website, you’ll have to make sure that your hosting account isn’t overloaded and your hosting provider doesn’t suspend you because when you cross your limits, you’re more likely to get suspended.

So consider for a provider having enough bandwidth, space and CPU power.

Running An IP Blacklist Checkup

This is one of the most important factors you may want to look for. As we all know, web hosting means that you are being hosted on a server where many other websites are hosted on the same. A single IPv4 is assigned to many websites. So in case any of their websites are involved in spamming activities, the provider’s IP would get blacklisted. Many hosting providers tend to ignore this and later on, it results in many complications when sending emails via the hosting. When an IP address is blacklisted, it can result in your website’s email/business email(eg getting landed into spam/junk box.

To prevent this, make sure you contact the provider and ask for the IP address. You can then check for it’s IP reputation using MXToolbox IP Blacklist Checker.

Reasonable Price

Before purchasing hosting service, make sure you check for their price. The price should be reasonable. Don’t go and purchase hosting from someone offering you “5 GB SSD, 100 GB Bandwidth, 2 FTP accounts” for $10/month. And don’t even go for super cheap i.e $12 for a whole damn year! Make it reasonable as per the resource is being offered to you.



Last but not least, reviews! The biggest factor. Make sure you run a thorough Google check against the provider and search for critics more than “positivity” because “5 stars” are many times fake reviews posted by the provider itself. Critics are more likely to be true due to obvious reasons.


It isn’t much to be considered but to be taken note of. Try not to purchase a whole year hosting service from hosting providers who are new to the industry. You can simply check it by going to whois website and writing their domain name and checking when the domain name was registered. To check whois, simply go to (replace the provider’s domain name) and search for it.

There are many other factors that are to be considered before selecting one. I’ve mentioned above most obvious ones for a newbie to consider. You can also invest your own logic before purchasing :).


Coming to the conclusion, we’ve mentioned most of the factors that are to be taken into consideration before choosing a hosting provider for your web hosting. If you find this article useful, please make sure you drop your valuable comments in the comment section below.

If you’re searching for a web hosting provider which suits all your needs with reasonable price and good standing in the industry, you can try considering Shadow Hosting’s web hosting service ;).

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