Introducing VPS Reseller Hosting, Starting From Just $20/mo

You might have come across the word “Web Hosting Reseller” a lot in the industry. But have you ever heard of “VPS Reseller Hosting”? Well, most probably, no. Because this thing never existed before. Shadow Hosting introduces you Virtual Private Server Reseller hosting which allows a hosting company to purchase a plan from us and sell it on their website.


It works the same as a web hosting reselling service. But the difference is, you sell a VPS instead of shared hosting. It means, you purchase a Cloud Reseller/VPS Reseller package from us and with the help of API, you can then sell it on your website for your own price.

How Does It Benefits You?

Instead of buying dedicated server worth hundreds and thousands of dollar and setting it up and then buying licenses for VPS Panels and a lot more costs to maintain it. Why put it though? Let us manage the cost and you pay the fixed price.

With this, you cut through around hundreds of dollars from your budget for the next infrastructure update. “Pay smart, not hard”.

Do My Customers Know That I Bought It From Shadow Hosting Instead Of My Own Infrastructure?

Absolutely, No. Our white-label solution allows you to put your own logo on the VPS panel. So when your client logs into their panel, they won’t even know that you are using our service.

You can also set your own URL by pointing panel’s IP A record to your panel URL. If not, you can even put CNAME record to your subdomain/domain. This will allow you to use your own subdomain/domain for accessing the VPS panel.

What Are The Features Provided With VPS Reseller?


Our Virtualizor-powered control panel presents you tons of features. Not only features but also a variety of operating systems to install at one touch availability. Also if you face any issue with the VPS, you have an option to back up the files with our built-in rescue mode which is when enabled, creates another network by which the files of the VPS can be accessed through.

VPS Panel Features

Manage Your Users

You can manage your users registered under you using our built-in feature. You can change their password, email, their VPS specifications, resources and etc.

API Credentials


Unlike other hostings, we come up with our built-in API feature. You don’t really have to request us to enable you API feature for your panel. Just log into your panel and create your API and then you’ll see it all!

What Type Of Support Do You Provide with VPS Reseller?

We provide you support in case of any downtime, software issue, OS issue. We will also help you to resolve any issue your users are facing with their VPS without naming ourselves at all.

In the case of a DDoS attack or any other attack, we provide an immediate solution through our phone support. You can call us or message us on WhatsApp and we will respond immediately in an event of the attack. However, you don’t really have to worry about anything. In an event when a DDoS attack is launched, our system automatically detects the attack and within minutes, the anti-DDoS protection system goes up and stops the attack. This will allow the network of the VPS to be kept online.

Our support doesn’t even cost you an extra cent. It comes with any of the plans you choose.

What Does It All Cost?

It all costs just $25 per month. With this, you can create up to 2 Virtual Machines with a total of 8 GB RAM, 300 GB HDD space, Unlimited Bandwith, 1 GBit shared port, 2 Cores, DDoS Protection included.

An additional allowance of Virtual Machine creation costs $4/machine.

An additional allowance of RAM costs $3.5/GB.

An additional allowance of CPU costs $5/core.

Last but not the least, additional allowance for an IP costs $3.5/IP(max 6 IPs per machine).

To Order, please head to


If you have any query or anything regarding our newly launched VPS Reseller hosting, please email us at Suggestions are welcomed in the comment section below.


We’ve reduced the Cloud reseller price from $26 to $20/month!

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