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From freeroam to deathmatch, from Call of Duty RWW 1 to CoD RWW 3, from NGGRP to HZGRP, SAMP has made to become the most successful online gaming mechanism which connects players. SAMP started back in the year 2006, SAMP has crushed down its competitor MTA SA(Multi Theft Auto San Andreas).


San Andreas Multiplay was originally founded and written by Kalcor, who still runs the gaming mode. Ever since then, SAMP has been increasingly gaining popularity with 15,000+ players on an average per day.

There has been a lot of San Andreas Multiplayer servers into the Internet and Hosted Tab pool. But due to lack of interest and dedication, servers are literally going down. But if you are a gaming community owner, or willing to open one, I’m pretty much sure you’d be dedicated towards your future community, right? Absolutely!


In order to start your own community, you need a computer that needs to be online 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. How is that possible? You can’t simply put your computer on for all day. This will cost too much for you in electricity bill, maintaining computer to avoid unusual heat and etc.

But we’ve got the best solution for you. For just $2.50 per month, you will get 50 slots of the gameserver where you can launch your own community by hosting your gamemode script and inviting the player to join your server.

Starting From Just $0.50/month

With $0.50, you can get 10 slots of SAMP server. But who needs that much? With just $2.50/month, you can get 50 slots! Yes! 50!

What If I Want To Upgrade From 50 Slots to 100 Slots?

You can upgrade your server anytime by just contacting us and we will upgrade your server from 50 slots to 100 slots anytime. We wouldn’t charge you upgrade cost. You will just have proper plan charges adjusted from next month.


No, we do not provide the trial version.

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Got any queries? Contact us through our pre-sales support(if you haven’t registered yet), or submit a ticket and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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