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Searching for a web hosting that supports all your heavy operations? But can’t find one within budget range? Well, we’ve got you! Shadow Hosting brings you the best web hosting which supports your heavy operations based website with the most affordable budget.

Services & Product We Provide At Shadow Hosting

We provide a wide range of services and products along with web hosting service. This includes SSL Certificates, VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting in Germany, Shared Hosting in Luxembourg and VDS Hosting(on request).

All our hosting services are heavily optimized by both SNI Web Solutions(Shadow Networks International Web Solutions) and our upstream providers. With both combinations, we promise you the best results out of both performance and reliability.


Our servers are backed by multiple nodes. This means, whenever our primary server lags or goes down due to urgent maintenance or unexpected downtimes, our secondary server takes over. If you are still not able to get your website/server online, we’ll compensate.

Yes, you heard it right. We compensate our users with double the amount of downtime by extending their product due date. This is to keep our promise strong so you never have to worry about anything!

Protection and Security

From our end, we provide the best security. It doesn’t matter which level it is, whenever a hacker attempts to attack our server by denial of service or web application based attack, our highly equipped automated firewall takes over the attacker and blocks the attempt. So you never have to worry about getting hacked from our end.

In case, if you think that your website is vulnerable, you can contact us and we’ll analyze your website for FREE! Our security firm ShadowCrypt Cyber Intelligence(SCI) powers our network by providing our clients with the best protection for free worth up to $899.99 per operation. But this is FREE for our clients. So you don’t have to worry about getting hacked as we’ve backed you whenever you request.


Our customer support wouldn’t disappoint you! Apart from our Monday to Friday technical support available, we still have got our team backed up to help you in critical urgencies where you need immediate help with your service. So you don’t have to worry about weekends.

This is just limited to our technical support! Our sales and billing support department are always there for you. Even in holidays, you can open up the ticket and we will respond to you as soon as possible(Within 12 hours).

Other than that, our live chat may not be so active but whenever you see us online, you can message us and we will be with shortly. We’ll soon expand our live chat support by making it 24/7. But as of now, the fastest way is to open up a ticket which guarantees you the reply within 12 hours.


You don’t have to worry about us shutting down. Unlike other hosting solutions, they do not guarantee the business in their lower revenue which eventually let them be bankrupt. You can be assured from our side as we’ve got our investors plus our parent organization Shadow Networks international taking our back in providing reductant technology support.

Review – Hear from our customers!

If you still doubt that we may not provide you the best, you can check out our HostAdvice page where you can read reviews from our clients who are with us since a quite long.


If you have any question regarding anything, please drop an email to support@shadowhosting.net and we will be glad to assist you.

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Manal Shaikh, the Founder of Shadow Networks International and CEO/Chairman of Shadow Hosting International. A cybersecurity analyst, network analyst and a web administrator.


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