Terms of Service

Last updated on 17th August, 2019


Please read these Terms of Service (“Terms”, “Terms of Service”) carefully before using the (shadowhosting.net) website (the “Service”) operated by Shadow Networks International (“us”, “we”, or “our”). Anywhere ("client", "he/she" or "him/her") is mentioned, it is subjected to the person who is using our service.

Customers have been granted relatively unrestricted resources to some of their web hostings and servers. However, if the customer is subjected to abuse our below mentioned terms and conditions, we, Shadow Hosting International, have rights to 'cancel/terminate/set the order to fraud' anytime without notice.

Shadow Hosting International welcomes you.

Shadow Hosting provides its service to you subject to the following Terms of Service ("TOS"), which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you. You can review the most current version of the TOS at any time at: /terms-of-service.html. In addition, when using particular Shadow Hosting owned or operated services, you and Shadow Hosting shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services, which may be posted from time to time. All such guidelines or rules (including but not limited to our Spam Policy) are hereby incorporated by reference into the TOS. Shadow Hosting may also offer other services that are governed by different Terms of Service.

General Terms and Conditions

1.1)General ToS

a)We offer our service to our clients when they register with us. While registering, we require our client to provide their Name, Email, Address, Phone Number, Country, Area Code, password he/she would like to use to log-in to our portal. The client is subjected to provide accurate information while registering on our website. Providing false information/details may result in permenant ban from our service. If we think he/she is providing false information, we MAY ask him/her to provide their local/national ID or any other government issued identification proof so that we can confirm the details. As soon as we confirm, all the details sent by the client are deleted from our system and is used ONLY for verificaiton purpose.

b)If there are any change in customer's details like phone number, address or name, client shall navigate to their account setting and edit it accordingly.

c)The servicees we provide are solely subjected to client and if any action made from client's end, we're not responsible. This is subjected to their services getting hacked due to malicious scripts installed. If client thinks that it's not their fault, he/she may contact us via support and we will investigate into it.

d)If the client is using our service to "resell", again, the client is responsible for anything that causes damage to our/their system. We therefore recommend you to strictly provision your client's actions when reselling our service. If any illegal activities are being executed, we have full rights to suspend the service without any notice or refund.

e)If the client causes damage to our system due to their action, they're legally responsible for any financial harms caused to us. We also have rights to terminate their service and ban them permenantly anytime without notice.


This section applies to all services offered by Shadow Hosting. The customer IS NOT/MAY NOT:
  • a)Allowed to upload any copyrighted material or software(cracked software etc), to the server, without the permission of the owner.
  • b)Allowed to upload and install any modifications which have a negative effect on the server performance.
  • c)Upload files/programs that has no connection or use in the functionality of the server or any files that causes negative effects to the server.
  • d)Use the services provided by Shadow Hosting International to host any abusive/illegal activites around the world.
  • e)Allowed to upload abusive, pornographic, offensive, illegal, or inappropriate content.
  • f)Allowed to upload any controversial, racist, sexually explicit, erotic, extremist material.
  • g)Allowed to use reverse DNS(rDNS) which promotes illegal activities such as hacking, DDoS, drugs or anything inappropriate or unlawful.
  • h)Allowed to upload anything which is not considered "safe".
  • i)Allowed to use our services/servers to host public VPNs' as they are usually the reason behind most of the DMCA notices and abuse. VPNs' for private usage is allowed as long as you don't use them to download, distribute any copyrighted material and/or do anything illegal to hide your IP address and identity.
  • We reserve rights to terminate any service any time without any notice which is deemed offense/inappropriate/unlawful. This also includes all the rules and regulations mentioned in Terms and Conditions

    1.2.1)Virtual Private Server(s)/Virtual Dedicated Server(s)/Dedicated Server(s)

    a)Servers are limited in the following ways. Client(s) MAY NOT:

  • b)Execute/Run any outgoing DoS/DDoS attacks.
  • c)Anything that could effect the core performance of the server or other clients.
  • d)Host pornographic, excessively violent, gore content, illegal materials, erotic, or any unlawful content.
  • e)Use pirated softwares
  • f)Host tor exit nodes, fraud, phishing, gambling/lottery sites, botnet.
  • g)Generate/Send unsolicited e-mail spams, execute network scanning mechanism, bruteforce, or any other malicious       scripts.
  • h)Torrent illegal content.
  • i)Mine cryptocurrency.
  • j)On VPS, you may not use 90% CPU for more than 30 minutes.
  • k)Run or use anything which Shadow Hosting International/Shadow Networks International deem as inappropriate.

  • 1.2.2)Web Hosting

    Web hosting are limited in the following mentioned ways. These limitations are pre-configured into our system to restrict the ability for compromised/hacked websites to be exploited by the hacker(s) and for the web hosting to be used for tasks other than web hosting. Client may request exception by contacting us at support@shadowhosting.net. Client MAY NOT:
  • a)Run any process on the server whose execution lasts 60 seconds or longer, apart from FastCGI, Ruby on Rails, and PHP-based scripts run through Apache, and included         shells, file transfer utilities, and text editors run from the command line.
  • b)Run any process that uses more than 4 minutes(240 seconds) of "CPU time", irrespective of how long it runs in real time.
  • c)Run more than 100 processes at once, per single account.
  • d)Use more than a gigabyte(GB) of resident memory at a time, per account.
  • e)Be logged in via SSH or FTP more than 10 times simultaneously at once, per single account.
  • f)Display pornographic, excessively violent, erotic, illegal materials or software(s), or any unlawful programs.
  • g)Have open more than 18 remote(non-local) connections to their MySQL server per remote IP address.
  • h)Send any spam or phishing emails from our network.
  • We reserve right to terminate any account, at any time, without notice if it is subjected to violation of our ToS.

    1.3)Data Responsibility

  • a)The client is responsible for his/her own data. We're not responsible for anything that happens on the server. We're not required to provide any backup.
  • b)Backup the data on a regular basis for all the servers as we're not responsible or bound to provide any data backup from our end.
  • c)We will not be responsible for the loss of data in cause of any failure including but not limited to web hosting(hard disk failure or system failure in general).
  • d)Customers can use the "backup" feature on their "cPanel" to backup their data stored.
  • 1.4)Refund Policy

    For refund policy, please check refund policy page.

    1.5)SLA Agreement

    For SLA agreement, please check SLA agreement page.

    1.6)Managed Service Agreement

    When ordering some products from our website, you might see an additional option of "managed service". This managed service is made at customer's ease to provide them easiest solution for installation of their desired softwares and other within scope works. To maintain a perfect standard and proper explanation of what comes within the scope of "Managed services", we've put some terms on it.

    Managed services are eligible for the following services and are applicable for servers only.

  • Installation of WordPress
  • Installation of LAMP Stacks(Apache, MySQL & PHPMyAdmin) on certain OS(s).
  • Enabling SSL support using Lets Encrypt SSL.
  • Installing MyBB
  • Installing Open Game Panel(only once per month).
  • Changing rDNS.
  • Installing Mailcow(Debian only)
  • Installing SAMP Server(without any script)
  • Fixing basic issues caused in WordPress after installation(if any).
  • Reinstall Server
  • Change server password
  • Change server hostname
  • and many more other possible services are covered within "Managed service". If client wishes to install/reinstall any of the above mentioned or any other within scope script/software, they can order us to do so and it would be of no charge as customer shall be billed monthly.

    Client shall take care of their data installed during any managed ongoing operation. If any unexpected issue occurs, technician may reinstall the server anytime with a proper justification without any notice. However, you can instruct technician to allow/disallow them to do operational thing.
    If client wishes to get something installed beyond our scope, we still might give it a try on our agreement.

    NOTE - Client is strongly instructed to not login to the server or do any changes in installation of managed service unnnecessarily. This is to avoid any unwanted issues that may arise due to interference which we strictly prohibit.

    After ordering with the managed service, client is required to contact our administrator through email or join Discord for managed support.


    You hereby accept all the terms, policies and agreements when you register with us. We have rights to change in the terms and conditions at anytime with/or without notice. We will keep the data updated whenever we make any changes to terms and condition.